In addition to being a cage-rattler, this poem from my Soul Guide stirred my calling as a key-dropper:

the small man
builds cages
for everyone he knows
while the sage
who has to dip his head when the moon is low
keeps dropping keys
all night long
for the beautiful, rowdy prisoners


Once people are aware that they are prisoners, they not only become beautiful and rowdy, but long to be free. That said, even if I am familiar with a path to freedom, if they are ever going to embrace it, they need to take agency. So instead of being a cage-unlocker I am a key-dropper.

As a key-dropper I invite agency.
As a key-dropper I invite agency. – Photo by Jason D on Unsplash

The Importance of Agency

In Life Worth Living‘s (affiliate) recipe for a good life, agency focuses on our level of self-determination. It brings together a blend of autonomy, competence, and connectedness that enables us to grow as people and have a healthy sense of self. For me, it meant I could bring about change in my life.

Practically, this meant doing two things. One, I released some of the traumatic chaos stored up in my body. As a result, rather than living in constant reaction to the past I can embrace each moment for what it is. It also meantaking advantage of my brain’s neuroplasticity and literally learning to rewire some of those ingrained responses.

But until I took agency, until I picked up the keys others had dropped for me, the freedom I never embraced the offered freedom.

Why am I a key-dropper? So others can step into their own power. This is also why psychedelic breathwork and holistic coaching are the modalities I use at THRIV3.

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