What does it mean to be an abundance cultivator?

For me, it means that my life is devoted to human thriving. Starting with myself, moving on to my relationships, then into my work, and finally into my community engagement.


Being an abundance cultivator starts in my own life. This means taking care of my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

For me this means:

  • working out at Gravity Haus five to six mornings a week
  • keeping my nutrition on point (Huel helps with quick meals)
  • monthly meetings with my Soul Guide
  • regularly participating in a mix of breathwork and soulcraft to nurture my well-being
  • I am to live a life of passion balanced by playfulness and growth balanced by rest
Joe Burnham is an abundance cultivator.


I will admit, this one is hard to say today because I’ve done so poorly at this in the past. That said, I do seek to live a life of amends, learning from past mistakes and doing my best to support the well-being of others.

This includes my life as a full-time single dad to a 17-year-old, my friendships, and my dating relationships. The most extreme example of this would be the legal pursuit of a restorative path for a woman I was dating who violently assaulted me.


At THRIV3, whether I am doing psychedelic breathwork, holistic life coaching, or producing resources for men, everything centers on human thriving.

In my side hustle as a funeral officiant, I work to help families grieve and embrace a new normal that nobody wants.

The same is true in my day job at Xero Shoes, where the footwear we sell is not just good for feet, but the whole of the human body.

Community Engagement

I am politically active, not because I enjoy politics, but because the decisions made in the political sphere impact people across the globe.

My politic places human thriving, not capital gains, at the center of what matters.

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