I am a prolific writer. These days my work centers on two topics, manhood and faith.


Manhood Reimagined explores a positive vision for manhood in the 21st Century and beyond.

I believe we men do not take a journey to manhood, rather manhood is the journey from boyhood to a healthy self-determined adulthood that is also good for women and children.

As a project, Manhood Reimagined starts with posts and conversation on Substack but will ultimately appear as a resource that men can work through on their manhood journey.


Abundance Reconstructed is a weekly newsletter for spiritual misfits cultivating abundance.

Each post takes something from the Bible and reflects on it through a faith persepctive that can best be described as the scandelous love child of Eastern Orthodoxy and Black Liberation Theology.

From November 2023 to October 2024, I will highlight 50 key parts of the Bible that shape my understanding of faith and life.

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